• 16th World Leisure Hybrid Congress

    April 15 – 21, 2021 Leisure makes life better

The 16th World Leisure Hybrid Congress – Leisure Makes Life Better – aimed to provide the space to learn from leading experts in the leisure field and network. We invited the entire global WLO community to connect with each other to share and explore new ideas, current challenges and opportunities with.

The 16th World Leisure Congress was hosted in a hybrid mode giving the opportunity for a face to face and an online experience, no matter where you are. In this uncertain times we are calling the global leisure field community to raise the voice and advocate for the importance and relevance of leisure.


Six presentations were not included in the Congress after being accepted from the peer review process. The Congress Scientific Committee Secretariat indicated that the papers “failed relevant review”. WLO recognizes these presentations are an inclusive part of the Congress. Two presenters agreed for their papers to be shared via the WLO website. You can see here a presentation from Nagata & Kono, “Enjoyment matters to experiencing meaning from leisure” and Tower, McDonald & Marriott, “Leisure planning: Historical and future perspectives”.

Forums and subforums

Leisure and Agriculture
Leisure Diversity, Access and Inclusion
Leisure Education and Leisure Culture – focus on Chinese traditional culture –
Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality
Leisure Management for Social, Health, Wellness, Environment and Economic Outcomes
Leisure, Sport and Physical Activities
Leisure, Cities and Urbanization
Leisure and Well-being
Entertainment and Leisure
Leisure and Gender
Leisure and Aging
Leisure and Innovation
Leisure for Children and Youth
Community and Economic Development

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