Dr. Jason Bocarro

Encounter with… Dr. Jason Bocarro, on the Health Matters project

Ms. Mollie Mae

Encounter with Ms. Mollie Mae Henager … on indigenous women-led sustainable tourism in rural Peru

Dr. Bree Hayes

Encounter with… Dr. Bree Hayes on integration of leisure practices and much more!

Dr. Marie Young

Encounter with… Dr. Marie Young about Leisure, Wellness, Safety and much more!

Roger Coles & Joanne Schroeder

WLO outgoing and incoming Chairs send a message to each other

Dr. Cristina Ortega Nuere

WLO in 2020: a message from the Chief Operating Officer

Andy Moss

Encounter with… Andy Moss, Director at Cube Management

Hilary Farmiloe

Encounter with… Hilary Farmiloe, manager of InstructAbility

Maria Eugenia Jenkins

Encounter with… Ms. Maria Eugenia Jenkins, Professor at La Salle University, Costa Rica

Prof. Atara Sivan

Encounter with… Prof. Atara Sivan, on education through, in and for leisure.

Dr. Stephen Wearing

Encounter with… Dr. Stephen Wearing, Associate Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia).

Prof. Lawal Marafa

Encounter with… Prof. Lawal Marafa from The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tony Veal

Encounter with… Tony Veal – Founding Member of WL Academy

Dr. Ricardo Uvinha

Encounter with… Dr. Ricardo Uvinha – University of Sao Paulo

Dr. Jane Zhou

Encounter with.. Dr. Jane Zhou

Dr. Miklos Banhidi

Encounter with… Dr. Miklos Banhidi

Mr. Jalloh Abubakarr

Encounter with… Mr. Jalloh Abubakarr

Dr. Lucetta Tsai

Encounter with… Dr. Lucetta Tsai

Dr. Neil Carr

Encounter with… Neil Carr from University of Otago, Dunedin (NZ)

Liz Terry

Encounter with… Liz Terry, Leisure Media CEO

John Tower

Encounter with… Dr. John Tower, Victoria University, Melbourne. President of ANZALS and WLO Board Member

Dr. Roger Coles

Encounter with… Dr. Roger Coles