World Leisure Chapters offer a unique affiliation opportunity to individuals at the community level. They also create an opportunity to embrace World Leisure’s broader vision, priorities and themes.

Organizing Your Chapter

Each chapter needs to create a document or terms of reference. These should include a constitution/bylaws and should include the purpose, membership information, officers, elections and meetings. Also, at a minimum, the following officers need to be included: president, vicepresident, secretary-general and a treasurer. Each chapter must also have a minimum of 10 members.

Program Objectives

• Affiliate to support the goals of World Leisure;
• Creation of opportunities to actively participate in World Leisure events;
• Provision of professional leadership and community service opportunities;
• Professional and personal development;
• Opportunities for networking and relationship building;
• Participation in World Leisure’s United Nations activities; and
• Promoting amenity among colleagues within the leisure profession.

Rights and Privileges

The following rights and privileges shall be made available to approved World Leisure Chapters. They are:

• Authorized use of the World Leisure Logo, designating the locality of the Chapter
• Special recognition through World Leisure media and events
• Access to the World Leisure web site and Congress and Conference materials;
• World Leisure materials and publications in proportion to its membership; and
• Support from World Leisure Officers and Program Managers.

World Leisure Chapters

Chinese Taipei Chapter
Contact: Su-hsin Lee

Quebec Chapter
Contact: Sonia Vaillancourt

Contact: Daniel Caron