World Leisure Center of Excellence (WLCE) is an international graduate/post-graduate network which offers opportunities for colleges and universities to affiliate with WLO to establish and provide graduate educational programs and research centers focused on play, recreation, the arts, culture, sport, festivals and celebrations, health and fitness, travel and tourism with an international dimension. It gives students, educators, researchers and professionals the chance to participate and contribute to uniquely theme-focused educational endeavors.

The Centers of Excellence network programmes receive strong organizational and promotional support from WLO. Dr Arianne Reis, one of our Board members, is dedicated to the task of coordinating the network and the WLO Secretariat provides the network with institutional support. Through them, WLO fosters WLCE leisure studies, disseminates WLCE publications through our website and social media channels, promotes WLCE forthcoming events, and is constantly creating opportunities for collaboration and exchange of staff and students from all WLCE. In addition to this coordination and support, WLCE benefit from the opportunity of using the WLO logo on their website or on any key documentation.

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2023 Internship opportunities

From left to right: Dr. Jane Zhou (Zhejiang University), Dr. Trudie Walters (University of Otago), Ms. Joanne Schroeder (Vancouver Island University), Dr Ricardo Uvinha (University of Sao Paulo), Ms. Yvonne Klerks (Breda University)