Designed to support members’ projects that further the development of leisure as a means to enhance the human condition, this programme awards up to $10,000 (USD) per project supporting leadership, advocacy, research, education, and engagement initiatives which promote socio-cultural development, encourage sustainable economic growth, or improve people’s quality of life.

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Grants Awarded in 2020

Adapted Sailing and Quality of Life of Persons with Physical Disabilities

On this occasion, the applicant supported by the WL Strategic Priorities Grants program is Dr. Cari E. Autry, presenting the project “Adapted Sailing and Quality of Life of Persons with Physical Disabilities”. The project raises the hypothesis that “participation in sailing by people with disabilities is regarded as having positive outcomes on their quality of life physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially”. Therefore, virtual reality sailing simulation (VRSS) – Phase I of the project – was implemented to improve the quality of life for people with physical disabilities. Five participants – three of whom have spinal cord injuries and two have spina bifida – already completed (successfully) Phase I and want to transition to sailing on the water (Phase II). Additional participants (at least three more at this time) are completing or being recruited to complete Phase I and move to Phase II. Five on-the-water sailing instruction sessions will be offered, and each session will last approx. 2 hours on the water. The Adapted Sailing Program (Phase II) will be offered from April 1 to May 15, 2020, at the Little Washington Sailing School in Washington, North Carolina.

Grants Awarded in 2019

Developing Global Capacity of Recreation Providers to Teach Swimming and Water Safety to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

This project intends to refine and package the Sensory Enhanced Aquatics Instructor Training (SEAIT) program of the University of Kansas Medical Center for international dissemination. From this project, it is expected to increase the capacity of regional swim instructors working with children with ASD, as well as to develop SEAIT workshop materials to be delivered in manual and online formats in order to disseminate these instructional materials internationally.

2nd Editorial Meeting of the “Youth Leisure and Safety”

The programme is coordinated by members of the Young People’s Leisure Network. The idea is to be able to continue the writing process of the book on “Youth Leisure and Safety”, which is part of the Young People’s Book on Leisure (YPBOL) series project. The second editorial meeting is a follow up of the first YPBOL Editorial meeting held last year during the celebration of the 15th WL Congress in São Paulo, Brazil. This project aims to gather young people to discuss questions related to: Dangerous situations in young people’s life; The implementation of actions to engage young people in positive behaviors to prevent environmental issues; Suggestions that could be given to decision makers to help young people’s leisure time. The 2nd Editorial meeting of the “Youth Leisure and Safety” has already taken place during the last week of August in Hungary. Check some of the pictures we received from our youth ambassadors during their gathering and stay tuned for more information on the development of the YPBOL!

Educational Tour Studies and Practice

Educational tours have become a necessary educational practice in China. The objective of the comprehensive practical activity course is to help students gain abundant practical experience from individual and social life, as well as contacting with nature. Therefore, this project is aimed at promoting both theoretical and practical studies in this area. In so doing, curriculum criteria for educational tours in China and educational tour activities for K-12 school and college students (among others) will be developed. This project will start running during the upcoming months.