The World Leisure Youth Ambassadors programme provides college and university students to connect on a local-to-global basis while gaining a broader perspective of trends, issues, strategies and advancing leisure worldwide. In charge of the future leisure community, World Leisure Youth Ambassadors should be at the forefront of the design, development and implementation of current change processes. WLO invests in World Leisure Youth Ambassadors, by empowering them within the organization and the leisure community. World Leisure Youth Ambassadors will be able to build their career network by connecting and contributing (work with peers internationally) to the leisure community, develop professionally, and gain profile recognition.

Some of the World Leisure Youth Ambassador’s star lights are:

Field School

One of the highlights of the WLO and Youth Ambassadors programme is the Field School Programme. Leaded by World Leisure Centres of Excellence the Douglas Ribeiro de Silva International Field School is a learning opportunity that combines field experience with congress attendance.

Initiated in the 2014 WL Congress in Mobile, Alabama (USA) in collaboration with the University of South Alabama, it has now become one of the most successful and active programmes of WLO for the youngest leisure community. During the 2016 WL Congress in Durban (South Africa), Durban Green Corridors welcomed young generations to discover the magnificent tourism products on the eNanda Route in Durban, giving them the chance to explore the township vibe, hike down to the stunning uMzinyathi Falls, and learn about the Rastafarian Culture.

The 2018 Field School during the World Leisure Congress (São Paulo, Brazil) will embrace the theme of “Leisure Beyond Constraints”, addressing leisure and access in its broadest sense. The theme includes at least three dimensions of barriers: physical, socio‐economic and symbolic, which must be recognized, discussed and overcome, to ensure that all people can fully enjoy and take advantage of leisure. Utilizing that theme, the field school will offer students an opportunity to study and experience leisure constraints in a local Brazilian community for 4 days before attending the 2018 World Leisure Congress in São Paulo.

Learn more about this programme here: WLO Field School

Young People Leisure Network (YPLN)

The Young People’s Leisure Network is a youth workers network, which was grown out from the World Leisure Organization Youth Ambassadors programme, in which young people and adults meet, and discuss the situation of leisure in different countries. In the network different universities and students are involved, who are committed to learn, to research and to give their skills for leisure development. During the last years’ projects, participants decided to develop an organizational structure, involving youth coordinators and adult supervisors, which are going to coordinate the network and projects.

Young People Book on Leisure (YPBOL)

Young People from different parts of the world will meet to discuss on the best practices of leisure and write memores and stories.

Want to know more and get active, follow this link.

Program Chair            

Dr. Miklos Banhidi

Professor / Founder of “Recreation and health Promotion program”, Health and Sport Science Faculty / Sport Science Department
Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary
Kishegy, Nr. 208, H-8500 Papa, Hungary
Tel: +36 708849008
Skype: mbanhidi

Internship opportunities

“My Research and Communications Internship experience at the World Leisure Organisation introduced me into the fascinating world of leisure studies in an academic and professional context. During my stay at their beautiful office in the culturally vibrant city of Bilbao, I participated in writing newsletters for the World Leisure Congress 2018, meetings with leisure experts from all across the globe and most importantly, I was encouraged to pursue my independent judgment when resolving any of the wide set of tasks that was given to me.

I can only recommend an internship at the World Leisure Organization, which will prove to be a full immersion into leisure studies from all possible perspectives!”

– Martín Rodríguez Alberdi