The World Leisure Youth Ambassadors programme provides college and university students to connect on a local-to-global basis while gaining a broader perspective of trends, issues, strategies and advancing leisure worldwide. In charge of the future leisure community, World Leisure Youth Ambassadors should be at the forefront of the design, development and implementation of current change processes. WLO invests in World Leisure Youth Ambassadors, by empowering them within the organization and the leisure community. World Leisure Youth Ambassadors will be able to build their career network by connecting and contributing (work with peers internationally) to the leisure community, develop professionally, and gain profile recognition.

Some of the World Leisure Youth Ambassador’s star lights are:

Young People Leisure Network (YPLN)

The Young People’s Leisure Network is a youth workers network, which was grown out from the World Leisure Organization Youth Ambassadors programme, in which young people and adults meet, and discuss the situation of leisure in different countries. In the network different universities and students are involved, who are committed to learn, to research and to give their skills for leisure development. During the last years’ projects, participants decided to develop an organizational structure, involving youth coordinators and adult supervisors, which are going to coordinate the network and projects.

Young People Book on Leisure (YPBOL)

Young People from different parts of the world will meet to discuss on the best practices of leisure and write memores and stories.

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Field School

One of the highlights of the WLO and Youth Ambassadors programme is the Field School Programme. Leaded by World Leisure Centres of Excellence the Douglas Ribeiro de Silva International Field School is a learning opportunity that combines field experience with congress attendance.

Learn more about this programme here: WLO Field School

Leisure Experience Research Opportunity (LERO)

The World Leisure Organization recognizes five universities in the world as World Leisure Centers of Excellence (WLCE). Together, the WLCEs constitute a platform to provide their students with international and intercultural learning experiences, amongst others by regularly organizing Field Schools and Field Research Projects.

In parallel to the World Leisure Expo and Forum 2019, held in Hangzhou, China, the WLCE “Leisure Experience Research Opportunity”provides an opportunity for students of the World Leisure Centers of Excellence to participate in an internationally oriented field research project aimed at characterizing tourism and leisure experiences in the host city Hangzhou. In addition, students have the opportunity to join the World Leisure Expo and Forum as delegates.

Meet a Professional Around the World

An initiative from World Leisure Organization Youth Ambassadors Committee

World Leisure Organization offers online forums on leisure related matters (theories & practices) for interested young people , with invited leading scholars and professionals from around the world.

The online forums are free and are scheduled for about one hour. (45 min. of presentation + 15 min. of Q&A).

*Regular guest (at least 6 times) will get a certificate of attendance by WLO.

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Best youth short film makers


The goal of the project is to share lifestyle experiences by young people, how to keep healthy lifestyle, to improve skills and sharing ideas with each other.

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Best youth artists


WLYAC coordinates a research project called Young People’s Book Leisure series, in which the present  focus is „Youth leisure and safety”. For the project young people from 9 countries met to discuss this topic and to write on the results.  The first time there was an editorial meeting in Brazil during the World Leisure Congress in Brazil in 2018, than in 2019 a camp in Hungary, where the draft of the main chapters were completed with the results of an international research on global view on safety.

The last steps will be discussed on final version and design of the book in a next editorial meeting in 2021 in South Africa.

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Best youth teachers


The project is about introducing successful online teaching methods on sports, music, dancing and handicraft by young people for young people. WLYAC is commited to share good experience in leisure practices.

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Best youth volunteers


Young people should get involved in working with citizens, who need external help in their life, because they are disabled or disadvantaged.

It should be a regular activity, such organizing active programs, trips, helping in household or offering help for community and institutional services.

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Internship opportunities

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