Yu Niu is researching on the impact of leisure in older adults’ lives. She is enrolled in a PhD program at the Department of Tourism, Recreation & Sport Management of the University of Florida. We are glad to welcome her as a new WLO member!

In one sentence: What does leisure mean to you?

Leisure means opportunities to explore a “true” self and enjoy the world in a way that I choose.

What leisure projects, research and/or activities are you involved in?

I study leisure and tourism experiences among older adults and the influences of these experiences on their health and well-being. In my leisure time, I like walking and participating in local events with friends. I’m learning photography, so that would be my future leisure activity.

How do you promote the development of leisure and leisure studies?

My study aims to better understand the benefits of leisure for older adults, which in practice may help them better age in place.

How did you hear about WLO?

From my advisor who encouraged me attending and presenting at WL Congresses.

Why did you decide to become a member of WLO?

I would like to join several special interest groups that connect scholars with similar study interests. By resource sharing and discussion, we can learn from each other and improve ourselves.

What kind of synergies would you like to develop through your WLO membership?

Networking with scholars from different areas of the world.