This year the World Leisure Organization (WLO) is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Since 1952, WLO has been promoting leisure as integral to social, cultural, economic, and sustainable environmental development worldwide. As a member-driven organization with global representation, WLO has been achieving its mission, vision and goals through its programs and activities that are developed according to four main strands: advocacy, research, education, and knowledge transfer.

With members in almost 80 countries, WLO represents a wide range of academics and professionals in the leisure industry. One of WLO’s strategic goals is to develop projects and closer activity interactions in the non-represented countries. The governance model of WLO is decentralized, with the scientific and technical secretariat working as an engine from Bilbao, Spain, and academic and professional task forces spread all over the world.

A number of events will be organized in 2022 to mark WLO’s 70th anniversary. These include the 2022 WL Youth Ambassador Contest, World Leisure Day 2022, the Knowledge Sharing and Networking Experiences in May and September, and the WLO Charter for Leisurewebinars. A WLO podcast series will also be launched soon.

While we look ahead to a bright future, we’d also like to take this time to recognize our storied past. Below are some significant moments in the history of the WLO.

Check the highlights about WLO’s history, as well as the events planes for the 70th anniversary at: