Have you completed an MSc or MA degree and are you looking for an opportunity to develop a career in research? Working as a PhD candidate for 0.8-1.0 FTE at the Academy for Leisure & Events of Breda University of Applied Sciences gives you this opportunity. You will be researching how digital enhancement affects visitor experiences at events. In addition, you will contribute to the teaching at the academy. You will be working near the city centre of Breda, on a green, sustainable campus provided with the latest research tools at a top ranked academy, closely connected to the industry.

About the job

You will be responsible for a research project that analyses leisure experiences, more specifically how digital (enhancement) of events affects or improves how the event is experienced. The project sits at the crossroads between events research, digital entertainment, and experience design and experience measurement (using the neuroscientific toolbox of BUas’ Experience Lab). This research project combines the expertise of prof. dr Greg Richards in events and prof. dr Marcel Bastiaansen in experiences. They will also be the project supervisors. Publication of research in international scientific and peer-reviewed journals is expected within this job. You will be based in the BUas’ Experience Lab where you will work with ten other ambitious researchers. Please click here to read more about our lab.

Moreover, part of your work at BUas will involve teaching and supervising students in research projects, depending on your expertise and personal interests. The proportion of research to teaching is approximately 70 to 30.

You can read more about the PhD candidate vacancy here: BUas PhD candidte in Leisure Studies