We are happy to announce the appointment of WLO Board member Dr. Lawal Mohammed Marafa, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as major member of UNWTO’s World Committee on Tourism Ethics (WCTE), body responsible for interpreting, applying and evaluating the provisions of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

As an affiliated member of UNWTO, WLO has a strong commitment with this organism. Throughout this year, our COO, Dr. Cristina Ortega has been engaged in the UNWTO Working Group on support of the SDGs, keeping WLO aligned with these goals. Therefore, it is as a result of the organization’s and in particular of Dr. Marafa’s willingness to spread the value of following the principles of sustainable tourism that he was nominated in the first place as a potential candidate of this committee.

We are excited about strengthening the organization’s bonds with UNWTO and being able to work more closely to disseminate the Code of Ethics for Tourism through our Board member’s involvement, in order to ensure the inclusion of socially responsible policies and fair practices in tourism development. Congratulations Dr. Lawal!