Verified was launched by the United Nations in response to the COVID crisis to cut through the noise to deliver life-saving information, fact-based advice and stories from the best of humanity.

Verified Mission

As the world confronts its biggest challenge in living memory, there has never been a greater need for accurate, verified information. Like the virus itself, misinformation spreads from person-to-person, heightening the risk to health and spreading fear and division. The world cannot contain the disease and its impacts without access to trusted, accurate information that promotes science and real solutions – and builds solidarity within and between nations.

Helping people around the world to get access to factual, quality information on COVID-19 is central to the mission of Verified. Teams within the United Nations and Purpose work with global and local media organisations across every platform. Whether you work in broadcast, print, digital or visual media, communicating our content is vital in disseminating life-saving messages and helping to end the pandemic

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