Looking for new knowledge-sharing and networking experiences about leisure?
Do not miss this chance to participate in this conversation space where we will jointly work towards sharpening our understanding of the current leisure issues in society!

Never has the world needed new ideas more than at this time of a global pandemic. WLO is willing to take on this challenge and create a new knowledge-sharing open space which our members and other leisure stakeholders can use as an instrument of change supported by evidence-based discussions. In so doing, we aim to lead the conversation amongst practitioners, researchers, scholars and students regarding the current role of leisure in society and the impacts to our field.

This initiative focuses on encouraging dialogue as well as the generation and discussion of innovative ideas in order to bring actors together to share research findings and initiatives in the context of leisure. It is expected to build a space where action and change are catalyzed through ideas and networks. A space for brokering ideas, stimulating debate, and offering creative solutions to the leisure field.

If interested sign up here before 21st August: https://bit.ly/2Pl1wwD