Built in the second year of Baoying of Tang Dynasty (AD 763 years), Jingde is one of the birthplaces of Anhui culture with a history of 1250 years.

To popularize the concept of leisure, Jingde is actively driving the establishment of related organizations and institutions, such as the Leisure Industry Development Committee. In 2016, the Forum Summit of the International Health and Leisure Cities was held in Jingde, which gained extensive publicity of newspapers, radio and other media.

The leisure concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of people. Jingde government regularly invites local residents to act on stage, to make performances of lion dances, folk performances, tea ceremonies for inheriting tea culture and folk activities. Those activities can dig deeper meanings into the local cultural relics, cultural traditions, arts and crafts, turning the area into a lively expo park of folk culture in the southern Anhui.

Project description

  • Set up Development Goals for Sustainable Development
  • Improve Leisure Quality by Focusing on Propaganda Activities
    and Leisure Policies
  • Establish Cooperation with Related Parties
  • Make Policy of Development of Infrastructure, Ensuring that
    Disabled People Can Make Good Use of the Small Towns District
    Leisure Services
  • Set up Lifelong Cultural Programs for the Elder
  • Leisure Projects for Improving Health of Children and Family
  • Build Natural Environment Conducive to Youth Leisure
  • Improve Public Transport Convenient for Residents’ Leisure
  • Improve the Leisure Ways by Information Technology
  • Improve the Information Service to Increase the
    Understanding and Use of Leisure Resources

Honor and Award

  • Ecological Visiting Card: Homeland of Ganodorma Lucidum in China (2008)
  • Top-Ten Leisure and Health County in China (2010)
  • Tourism County with Highest Investment Development Value in China (2011)
  • The First Series of the Provincial Ecological County (2012)
  • The Best Cultural and Ecological County in China (2013)
  • International Slow City (2016)
  • World Leisure Community of Excellence (2016)

Further information