Beijing, the capital city of China, attracts worldwide attention as a modern metropolis. Life with fast pace and work with high pressure are commonly found in people living there. However, when it calls for relaxation, Pinggu, the so-called back garden of Beijing, is definitely a preferential choice.

Pinggu is located in the east of Beijing, serving as a bridgehead in the endeavour to drive the coordinated development of the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region. Whenever you visit it, no matter it’s in blooming spring or fruitful autumn, this district will never fail to impress you with its diverse charm of history, nature and modern development. It enjoys the reputation as the home of Chinese calligraphy, the seat of China’s Music Valley and the manufacturer of 1/3 violins all around the world. In addition, with the desire to be a city for leisure activities, Pinggu provides a series of vibrant leisure experiences including the Peach Flower Festival, the International Peach Blossom Music Festival, the Pinggu Cultural Fair, etc.

2021 Pinggu-Beijing World Leisure Congress themed “Leisure Makes Life Better” aims to promote the concept of all-for-one leisure for all the year and all the people, build a famous brand and establish a pillar industry.