This year, Young People Leisure Network (YPLN)’s international invitation under the Young People’s Concert program was accepted by French, Hungarian, Italian, Slovak and Turkish musicians and dancers. This group of young musicians played in front of a large audience at the Citizen’s Leisure Festival (October, Hangzhou, China). Participants very much appreciated the opportunity to perform in an international festival and the professional preparations and kindness of the Chinese hosts. The feedback from the audience and the organizers was positive and they expressed their wish is to see Young People’s Concerts’ performances again next year. YPLN, on its part, hopes that other countries will join the group of talented young musicians and dancers.

The YPLN is a network which has its origin in the WLO Future Leaders programme. Its members are students, their professors and youth workers from all over the world. The network’s main goal is to provide young people with opportunities to meet, to discuss on leisure issues, to show and improve their talents, as well as to participate in WLO projects. Since the Rimini WL Congress 2012, the YPLN has organized several projects, such as the Young People’s Book on Leisure, volunteering programs at WL congresses and games, international youth exchange programs and the mentioned Young People’s Concert program.