16th April 2023 – A day to foster Leisure for Social Transformation
World Leisure Day will be celebrated all around the globe on April 16, 2023, to reinforce the role of leisure at the centre of the society.
In these uncertain times, it is more necessary than ever to acknowledge the importance of leisure playing key role in individual and community developments, contributing to the quality of life and well-being, enhancing social relationships, and often becoming a space for expression and engagement.
More and more cities and regions are officially joining the World Leisure Day to create a unique day and build bridges between people and city activities.
Will you join us?
Various formats can be used to highlight the importance of leisure, in all its forms: recreation, sports, travel and tourism, arts, culture and education. Activities can be in-person or virtual, depending on your organization or group. Some initiatives could include art or cultural performances, educational workshops, or sporting challenges, etc. Be creative and share how you could participate!