Yesterday was the official kick-off to the World Leisure Congress 2025 in Breda. Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) organises this great international event together with the World Leisure Organization (WLO) and the city of Rotterdam. Guests from all over the world will visit the Netherlands to meet, talk and exchange knowledge about ‘leisure for a better society’.
In the pictures of the official signing moment are:
Ms. Joanne Schroeder, Chair of the WLO
Dr. Jorrit Snijder, President of the Executive Board of BUas
In the pictures on the ceremony field:
Yvonne Klerks (WLO)
Marcel Bastiaansen (BUas)
Cristina Ortega Nuere (WLO)
Joanne Schroeder (WLO)
Jorrit Snijder (BUas)
Hildegard Assies (Breda Marketing)
Roland Kleve (BUas)
Guido Aerts (BUas)
📸 Breda University of Applied Sciences / Paul van Rijckevorsel