Cristina Ortega, WLO’s Chief Operating Officer, attended the Cultural Awards ceremony that took place at Il Vitoriale degli Italiani, the museum‐home of Gabriele d’Ánnunzio in Gardone Riviera, on the Brescia shores of Lake Garda, Lombardia, Italy, on the 16 September, where she had the chance to meet its President, Giordano Bruno Guerri. The venue comprises a group of buildings, roads, squares, an outdoor theatre, gardens and streams that make it a unique place.

WLO’s COO also had the chance to meet the Director of the Consorzio Lago di Garda Lombardia, Marco Giraldi, as well as Gianluca Ginepro and Antonia Di Belia, in order to explore possibilities of collaboration between WLO and the Consortium.

Photo credit: Il Vitoriale degli Italiani.