From February 7th to 10th, WLO COO Dr. Cristina Ortega Nuere will participate as an observer at the 16th Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, which will be held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. This session will enable the Committee to approve the funding requests submitted under the thirteenth appeal of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity and to reaffirm the fundamental role of this Fund for the implementation of the 2005 Convention. Finally, this session will be an opportunity for the Committee to examine its report on its activities and decisions for adoption in order to transmit it to the 9th session of the Conference of Parties in June 2023.

In keeping with its desire to broaden and diversify the range of stakeholders involved in promoting the objectives of the Convention, it will consider proposals to highlight the commitment of cultural institutions and organizations to promote access to diverse cultural expressions originating in their territory or other countries of the world as well as proposals to streamline the quadrennial periodic reporting cycle. In addition, the Committee will consider various modalities to strengthen collaboration with civil society organizations for the effective implementation of the Convention.

As a civil society organization that have already been admitted to the work of the governing bodies of the UNESCO 2005 Convention, WLO already participated on last November 5th, 2022, on an online consultation for the preparation of the preliminary proposals in the framework of the fourth Civil Society Forum organization, after submitting its yearly written contribution. During this online gathering, WLO had the opportunity to share its main considerations and expectations regarding the organization of such a forum.

Source: UNESCO (Unsplash)