Leisure Media and WLO very gladly announce the signature of a new collaboration agreement between both organizations. While the relation between WLO and Leisure Media is a long one, this new accord aims to re-boost the collaboration.

Knowledge-sharing and publications opportunities are the main pillars of this renewed agreement. A new website will be created within Leisure Media exclusively designed for WLO members, with specifically curated content selected from Leisure Media’s prestigious magazines. Leisure Media will also select job offers (Leisure Management posts) for WLO. This can already be seen in the Opportunities section of the November issue of WLO News. Finally, WLO SIG’s members will be able to write a column for Leisure Media.

Leisure Media, based in the UK, is a major leisure media platform, offering highly curated contents from a wide range of areas within the leisure field: health and fitness, hospitality and leisure, sport, architecture and design, attractions, and spa and wellness. WLO acknowledges the enormous contribution of Leisure Media to the development of leisure content and the leisure field, and expresses its satisfaction for this new collaboration agreement, which, among others, open the door for WLO members to contribute to Leisure Media’s high level publications.