WLO is very happy to present you our new website, with which we hope you feel comfortable as community members and users, whatever the device you are navigating with! We have updated the information that was already available (our main events, programs, a webpage containing the different WL News issues), but we have also created new spaces with extended material. For instance, newly introduced within the new WLO website is the dedicated internal site for WL Members.

As an international organization representing various types of communities, with a great number of programs, we must admit that getting high-level engagement with the different community members is not always as easy as we would like to!

The launch of the new WLO website becomes an important step forward for WLO, not only in terms of layout improvement, but also because its robust and flexible technical aspects will allow to further develop it for the benefit of WL Members and its community in the near future.

The content layout and information has been organized considering the effective navigation and user-friendly assets in mind. More so, an integrated mobile friendly optimized design provides the visitor with an easy way to find any kind of information on the go. One of the most relevant and new aspects introduced within the new WLO website is the dedicated internal site for WL Members, with the most updated and relevant information with a simple click.

In a very fast speed moving world, web and information technologies, the team keeps working on daily basis to provide the best navigation and content sharing experience, always being compliant with the data privacy processes regulations. Check out WLO’s privacy policy here: http://bit.ly/2KT9uvd and Cookies policy here: http://bit.ly/37yxBcl

Stay tuned, check it out and do not miss any of the opportunities and open calls that are open at the moment, available at: http://bit.ly/37zKIKq