Cristina Ortega, WLO Chief Operating Officer, visited the headquarters of Leisure Media in the town of Hitchin (UK) and met Liz Terry, the company’s CEO. The aim of the meeting was to pick up on a previously existing agreement between both organizations and expand it through new forms of collaboration.

Leisure Media edits more than 25 printed and digital publications specialized in Leisure and other, more specific areas such as Architecture & Design, Sports, Attractions or Health & Fitness, among others. Over the course 30 years, Leisure Media has gained expert knowledge in the field of Leisure practice, which is reflected in their high quality and always up-to-date publications. As expressed by Cristina Ortega, WLO COO: “Leisure Media publications are not only very interesting, but they are also an excellent means to grasp the latest trends in the field of Leisure. I think this type of contents is highly valuable to reconnect scholars and professionals, between them and with daily leisure practices, which is an underlying objective of WLO’s action”. It is WLO’s intention to capitalize on Leisure Media long-lasting expertise to offer its members a broader range of contents on Leisure. WLO thanks Leisure Media, and particularly Liz Terry, for their readiness to embark on new joint endeavors!

Some of the many publications published by Leisure Media are: Leisure Management magazine, CLADmag magazine (on Architecture & Design) or Attractions Management magazine.