After a first encounter in May, when a WLO delegation met in Beijing with representatives of the China Leisure Association and the China National Leisure Standardization Technical Committee, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between these entities and the WLO in the last visit of WLO Chairman Dr. Roger Coles, Chief Operating Officer Dr. Cristina Ortega and WLO legal advisor Jack Agrios to China in October.

The China National Leisure Standardization Technical Committee works on the development of leisure standards for towns, cities and regions in China. One of the collaboration possibilities that will be explored in the near future is the exchange of information and dissemination efforts for the promotion of the World Leisure Communities of Excellence program. The co-hostig or co-sponsorship of various types of leisure forums and events in China is also one possible collaboration form.

This collaboration has been made possible thanks to the mediation work done by Mr. Ling Ping, member of WLO Board of Directors (BoD).