WL Hybrid Congress Programme

April 15, 2021


Guest’s sign-in

April 16, 2021


Opening Ceremony


Main Session


Award Ceremony (& Welcome Banquet)


Parallel Session – Leisure City and Urbanization

Through a panel discussion, this session will provide new insights into the role of urban planning and public space in urban leisure opportunities. It will focus on relevant research and intervention projects including, among others, the testing of the urban planning influence and its interrelated spaces on the leisure experience of citizens.


Parallel Session – Leisure and Innovation

This session will focus on leisure-related innovations, which would include pioneering ideas related to the following areas: leisure businesses, digital leisure initiatives, the role of leisure in the creative sector, innovation and leisure relationship and, last but not least, to break away from traditional modes and create new opportunities.


Parallel Session – Leisure Management for Social, Health, Wellness, Environment and Economic Outcomes

This panel will focus on the discussion of academic papers on research and practices. They will introduce innovative capacities in leisure management and their achievements in addressing social problems. This session will also emphasize how, throughout projects, facilities and services, leisure management can be used to improve physical and mental, environmental or community economic problems. Other topics concerning leisure management are welcome.


Parallel Session – Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality

This subject has caught the attention of both academia and practitioners. It will focus on the research on how to showcase the merging of culture and tourism and ecotourism (e.g., dark tourism and golf tourism), or how to display all-domain tourism, altogether from a leisure perspective. It is also open to other topics on tourism and leisure.

April 17, 2021


Parallel Session – Leisure Education and Leisure Culture

This thematic area will feature research projects focused on better understanding the interdisciplinary role of education on leisure and its further enhancement. In addition, projects dedicated to a broader understanding of traditional Chinese culture will also be exhibited. This section will be open to valuable suggestions on leisure experiences, leisure time management, entertainment and recreation, as well as other topics related to leisure education and culture.


Parallel Session – Leisure and Society

Projects with a gender perspective in leisure-related activities will be covered under this session, including, albeit not limited to, studies about relationships and interactions in leisure activities throughout society.


Parallel Session – Community and Economic Development

Leisure as a human right and an opportunity to overcome the challenges and barriers that threaten social cohesion will be the main themes of the research papers to be discussed in this panel. Leisure will be part of the response to strategically transform individuals, cities and communities so as to promote capital and social justice.


Parallel Session – Leisure and Agriculture

Leisure agriculture is the most important industry concerning rural revitalization and counter-urbanization. This session will concentrate on four sub-sections: Ecological Farming, Pastoral Complex, Leisure Agriculture Garden & Sharing Farm, Food and Agriculture Education, and Homestay Inn Tourism. It is also open to other topics related to leisure and agriculture.


Folk Culture Performance and Exhibition (Peach Blossom Stage)


Parallel Session – Leisure and Development

This theme area will present research, projects and approaches to enhance the public’s understanding of the leisure role as a way to promote the progress of humanity. It will also explore opportunities on how to support projects designed to improve the leisure life of the society and expand participation possibilities for people of all ages in social, cultural and political activities.


Parallel Session – Leisure for Children and Youth

Studies on leisure engagement and empowerment should focus on individual-centered experiences, while also paying attention to the cultural diversity that children and youth manifest in leisure activities. This theme will particularly emphasize on research projects related to the best practices of children and youth in leisure activities and their interpretation.

April 18, 2021


Closing Ceremony


Parallel Session – Leisure and Wellbeing

Happiness or well-being can be discussed as an objective term, from the actual conditions of people’s lives, such as health, education or employment, up to their subjective experiences that show how they perceive and feel their life. This topic will focus on how leisure conveys happiness and the meaning of life by embracing individuals, societies and the environment, thus bringing both subjective and mental well-being.


Parallel Session – Entertainment and Leisure

Studies on traditional entertainment/recreation and leisure practices will be introduced in this session. It will cover topics related to movies/television and leisure life, theme park and recreation & leisure innovation, diversification of recreation & leisure (entertainment and leisure at home, leisure and recreation of the elderly, desgin of recreational and leisure spaces, etc.), among others. It aims to actively engage the academic world, the leisure industry community, governments, the media and other groups interested in entertainment/recreation and leisure. The framework of this session is also in line with Beijing’s status as a cultural hub and film/television base.


Parallel Session – Leisure, Sports and Physical Activities

This subject will discuss research, projects and approaches that have the potential to raise people’s awareness of the role of sport in leisure. Some topics to be addressed will be sports, leisure and health, camp and outdoor expedition education, physical and leisure activities, Winter Olympics, and urban sports and leisure culture, among others.


Parallel Session – Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusiveness of Leisure

In order to keep raising community awareness of a barrier-free environment and to expand leisure opportunities for people with functional diversity, some research on comprehensive practices, projects and services related to this topic will be discussed under this panel. Special attention will be given to projects involving interdisciplinary curriculums which have been designed and developed to help them better integrate into society.