As explained by Yvonne Klerks and Bertine Bargeman, from NHTV Breda University, in an article about World Leisure Center of Excellence (WLCE) Breda published the Brazilian Journal of Leisure Studies (available in open access here), “The overall aim of WLCE Breda is to support the goals and themes of the World Leisure Organization, to operate in a global Excellence Network in the field of Leisure Studies and to further develop leisure programs and research. The main focus of WLCE Breda is doing research, implementing the WLCE Breda visiting scholars program and providing the MSc Leisure Studies”.

WLCE Breda offers programs in Leisure & Events Management and Science Leisure Studies at BA level, and MAs in Science Leisure Studies, Imagineering, Tourism Destination Management and Media Innovation.

Research at WLCE is developed within the NHTV Academy for Leisure research program “Leisure in the Network Society; Meaningful Experiences and Co-creative Innovation”. In the article mentioned above, Klerks and Bargeman describe as follows the research areas covered by this program:

  1. “the generation of leisure content through storytelling, leisure experience and behavior;
  2. the process of designing leisure experiences through Imagineering: organizational and business design;
  3. the context provided for leisure experiences by placemaking and events”.

As part of the WL Centers of Excellence Network, WLCE Breda participates in the organization of the biannual Field Schools, a special program designed for leisure students connected to work on real life research projects in the hosting cities of the WLO Congresses.

World Leisure Center of Excellence is an international graduate/post-graduate program which offers opportunities for colleges and universities to affiliate with WLO to establish and provide graduate educational programs and research centers focused on play, recreation, the arts, culture, sport, festivals and celebrations, health and fitness, travel and tourism with an international dimension.

WLO will soon launch a call for educational centers to apply for joining NHTV Breda in the global WL Centers of Excellence Network. Stay tuned!

Photo credit: NHTV Breda.