Last December we invited you to share with us your best leisure moments of 2017 through a photo contest. Your pictures and texts were very inspiring and we loved to share a bit of your leisure experiences. Now we reveal the names of the two photo contest winners and thank everyone for their participation!

First winner: Peter van der Aalst

Prize: Free registration ticket for WL Congress 2018 in São Paulo and a free one year WLO individual membership

“My best leisure experience was when my colleague and I worked as visiting professors at Shanghai Normal University for a period of three week last November and December. The first day we arrived we got overwhelmed by the city and its possibilities. In the lobby of our hotel we met four Canadian lecturers, who were also part of an exchange program. Really nice guys, we went into town with the six of us. When we got out of the metro our first encounter with the city was a parade of Chinese ladies in beautiful traditional dresses. They paraded in the People’s Park, at the same time there was a kind of a fair going on where Chinese parents tried to connect their adult Children to potential marriage partners. It was kind of a surreal experience. When the Chinese ladies saw our group we became the attraction and the subject of a long, hilarious and pleasant photoshoot. Welcome to Shanghai!! We couldn’t have wished for a better start of our adventure. By the way, I’m the guy with the red jacket and white Nikes, front row at the right”.

Second winner: Regiane Galante

Prize: Free one year WLO individual membership

“It was a very special leisure moment in my life this year. It was my first time in Rock n’Rio Festival. I love music concerts, specially Rock n’Roll, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers it’s one of my favourite rock’ bands. They came to Brazil, and I was there! It was amazing!”