WLCE case volume SPECIAL ISSUE: Focus on Student Research


The World Leisure Centre of Excellence (WLCE) at Vancouver Island University is privileged to share its fifth volume of case studies, as part of the Innovative Leisure Practices series.

See the fifth volume of case studies here: https://bit.ly/3dzVC7c

As in past compilations, the case studies presented in this 2021 edition of Innovative Leisure Practices (Vol. 5) are varied in nature and represent a diverse range of relevant leisure interests, issues, and practices. Significantly, our intention, with the release of this volume, is to highlight the innovative applied work of undergraduate and graduate students at masters, doctoral and postdoctoral levels of study.

To find previous case studies check out this link https://management.viu.ca/graduate-programs/viu-world-leisure-centre-excellence/blog