Traineeships are an opportunity to learn from future leisure professionals and as one more proof of our commitment to the youth, the WLO warmly welcomes Martin Rodriguez Alberdi. He will be collaborating with the events and communication department, and supporting the diferent WLO programmes like the Special Interest Groups.

Martín Rodríguez Alberdi is currently studying two bachelors in International Business and Arts & Culture. His holistic approach towards his studies reflects his broad academic and personal interests, as he has taken courses in management, economics, politics, arts and philosophy.

Born in Germany and having been raised in Spain and England, he is an internationally minded person always seeking to understand cultures beyond frontiers. Through his exchange semesters in both Italy and Peru, Martin gained a deeper insight on the importance of inter-cultural communication and the economic and political singularities of each country. In 2012, as a scholarship holder of “Madrid Rumbo al Sur”, he had the opportunity to participate in an awareness raising program in Cameroon, where he experienced first-hand cooperation projects focusing on the institutional constraints faced by underserved minorities.

Because of his interest in documenting and better understanding the world around him, Martin has actively participated in United Nations simulations and has written journalistic pieces for the university newspaper on topics ranging from migration policies to the role of media in shaping public discourse.

His commitment and interest with understanding the big picture of problems have driven him to pursue an internship at the WLO. At the WLO Martin expects to continue learning on the multi-faceted nature of socio-economic problems as experienced in the developing world. An active contribution in preparing the World Leisure Congress in Sao Paulo will surely provide him with specific insights on how to learn to provide first hand assistance regarding the most crucial questions concerning access to leisure.