Never has the world needed new ideas more than at this time of a global pandemic. WLO is willing to take on this challenge and create a new knowledge-sharing open space which our members and other leisure stakeholders can use as an instrument of change supported by evidence-based discussions. In so doing, we aim to lead the conversation amongst practitioners, researchers, scholars and students regarding the current role of leisure in society and the impacts to our field.This initiative focuses on encouraging dialogue as well as the generation and discussion of innovative ideas in order to bring actors together to share research findings and initiatives in the context of leisure.

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These knowledge-sharing experiences are expected to build a space where action and change are catalyzed through ideas and networks. A space for brokering ideas, stimulating debate, and offering creative solutions to the leisure field.

This initiative is open for all the leisure community. We are happy to welcome leisure academics, professionals and graduate students who are willing to contribute to the WLO and to our belief that well selected leisure experiences improve quality of life for all.

Global Leisure Debate

Responses to challenges on Leisure, Mental Health and Well-Being

After the success of the first online discussion groups, we are happy to announce the Global Leisure Debate – Responses to Challenges on Leisure, Mental Health and Well-Being.

On this occasion, and for this topic, we counted with three exceptional international speakers addressing the challenges identified from the professional sector.

Pre-experience videos

Online Debate

The process

LEVEL 1: Engage level

Following an online dialoguing format and group discussions,proposals were gathered for concrete activities and point out where additional research will be needed to improve the way in which WLO can contribute to keep fostering the right to leisure for all.  Level 1: Engage level online meetings were held October 22nd and November 16th, 2020.


The actions carried out after the online dialoguing and group discussions are as follows:

  • Extract key ideas and categorize by themes
  • Survey WLO community about key themes to discuss
  • Interview the leisure professional sector on key themes
  • Gather inputs from the leisure professionals’ interviews

LEVEL 2: Expert level

After the successful development of the Engage Level 1 of this initiative, the Expert Level 2 will delve deeper on some of the topics emerged during the previous online conversations, and will do so via a two-fold experience: 1) Pre-experience and  2) Online Encounter.


Registered participants will enjoy a pre-event experience in the form of videos in which our expert speakers reply to some of the main challenges in the area of leisure, mental health and well-being, as identified by leading professionals in the leisure sector

Online Encounter

Online space for brokering ideas, stimulating debate, and offering creative solutions to the leisure field, with international expert speakers in the leisure field and specific topic.

  • Online debate format
  • 50 minutes
  • Expert speakers
  • Audience Q&A
  • Outcome