The third edition of the World Leisure Day was successfully celebrated last April 16. Under the theme “Leisure for Social Transformation” various activities were organized across the globe which showcased the importance and capacity of leisure in human development, personal growth, the promotion of health and well-being for individuals in different socio-cultural contexts.

WLO celebrated the third edition of World Leisure Day successfully last month. This year activities were organized in Canada, Brazil, China, South Africa and Hungary, sharing and spreading the joyous occasion and the importance of leisure in health socio-cultural settings. The City of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, hosted over 30 activities around the city including scavenger hunts, fitness classes and music shows; Serviço Social do Comércio (SECS) and its many locations across Brazil celebrated the day with numerous activities such as martial arts class, aquatic games and gymnastics for local citizens; the City of Yiting, Zhejiang, China, hosted various activities as well as the Beautiful Village Dragon Boat Invitational Race of Zhejiang Province to co-celebrate the day, promoting leisure for social transformation; the City of Lishui, Zhejiang, China, alongside the Bai’ma Chunhui grand ceremony, a cultural agricultural ceremony that marks the arrival of spring, invited the general public to participate in activities promoting culture and leisure; the University of Western Cape, in South Africa, promoting and educating student wellness, encouraged students to take part in various activities they hosted that day such as yoga, Tai Chi, and talks on health style and mental wellness; from the Recreation Department of the Hungarian University of Sport Science, in Budapest, a kayak tour, a hybrid conference and a photo exhibition were organized for participants locally as well as internationally via online formats. Besides various face-to-face events, there were also online classes, gatherings as well as webinars such as the one hosted and produced by the WLO Special Interest Group on Leisure Management about Public Leisure Management for Social Transformation: Commercial vs Communal Outcomes.

The global initiative continues to expand and engage with folks across the globe, showing how through leisure, opportunities for individuals, communities and nations world-wide can be addressed and transformed to provide and foster better quality of life and well-being.