From WLO, we are delighted to announce that the 2024 WL Congress will be organized by the World Leisure Center of Excellence (WLCE) at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas), in cooperation with the Centre of Expertise in Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality of the Netherlands (CELTH) and other partners. Under the overall theme of “Leisure for a better society”, the event is planned to last four days, be celebrated in Rotterdam and Breda cities, and gather 1,000 leisure experts from around the globe.

BUas, in cooperation with  CELTH  and Rotterdam Partners, prepared a detailed bid drafted under the overall theme of the 2024 WL Congress “Leisure for a better society”. The event is planned to last four days and be celebrated in the cities  Rotterdam and Breda . With CELTH and its partner institutions from across the Netherlands, the program of the WL Congress will also partly focus on visiting leisure developments in various cities and regions in the Netherlands..

WLO treasurer and Board member Ms. Yvonne Klerks, together with Dr. Marcel Bastiaansen also from BUas, attended last October the 2019 WL Expo & Forum, where Rotterdam-Breda’s candidature was unanimously approved by the WL Board of Directors reunited in Hanzghou, China. Ms. Yvonne Klerks stated that “organising the World Leisure Congress  will be a unique opportunity for the Netherlands, Breda University of Applied Sciences and its partners to share  our knowledge in the field of leisure with academics from all over the world and the business community in and around the Netherlands”.

WL Congresses are celebrated every two years, and each edition covers a different topic and is held in a different country. WLO works together with scientists, governments and entrepreneurs on knowledge development and education aiming at raising awareness on the organization’s belief that all individuals in the world must have the right to free time and quality of life.

Stay tuned for upcoming information on the 2024 WL Congress!