The World Leisure Center of Excellence at Zhejiang University (WLCE-ZJU) is very pleased to announce that Suichang County has officially been confirmed as its first Innovation Base in China. After rounds of reports, meetings, and discussions, WLCE-ZJU and Suichang Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau reached an agreement on achieving the leap-forward transformation and upgrading of Suichang’s culture, sports and tourism by co-founding the Innovation Base. Relying on the Innovation Base, WLCE-ZJU is empowered to provide think-tank consulting service, convene international conferences, conduct multi-level research, and study tours for Suichang County in the near future. Meanwhile, WLCE-ZJU is able to expand programs including field school, international study tour, LERO (Leisure Experience Research Opportunity) to the Innovation Base. Professors and students of the global WLCE network are all welcomed to join us in Suichang! In this sense, the Innovation Base is no doubt a win-win outcome for both sides.

It is believed that the year of 2022 will witness more milestones of the Innovation Base in Suichang. WLCE-ZJU and Suichang County send their sincerest invitation to all WLO family members around the world and everyone who’s interested to visit the Base or participate in the subsequent activities carried out there.

Know more about Suichang County

Located in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, Suichang County is well-known for its abundant natural resources including verdant mountains, limpid rivers, steep cliffs, winding mountain paths. Its forest coverage rate reaches 83.5%, which makes Suichang a natural oxygen bar. What’s more, there are tens of star-level scenic areas in Suichang waiting to be explored.

In terms of culture, once you step into Suichang, you’ll feel the diversity of its culture. The Buddhist culture in Thousand Buddha Mountain attracts numerous devout visitors, the time-honoured “red culture” in Wangcunkou leads us back to the history, and the babbling and melodious Kunqu Opera in Tang Xianzu Memorial Hall guides us to the enduring love story in Ming Dynasty. Different cultures converge here, making Suichang more vivid and energetic.

In recent years, Suichang is making full use of its resources to drive the local sports and leisure industry. Multiple sports and leisure projects, such as cross-country race, marathon race, river tracing, diving, paddle boarding and kayaking, enrich the tourists’ experience and also boost the local economic development.

Another thing you must experience in Suichang is its nice homestay and delicious food. There are many different styles of homestays in Suichang. Some are built on mountains, some lie in bamboo forests, some are full of artistic charm, and some seem to be the home of your grandma. Featured homestays there offer you perfect ecological environment and high-standard service, allowing you to slow down and ease away, to smooth out your anxiety and soothe your lost soul.

Suichang is also a food paradise, where you can try hundreds of healthy and tasty cuisines. With natural food materials and exquisite cooking skills, Suichang people are always willing to serve you the best food and show you their characteristic Suichang-style food culture.

In all aspects, Suichang is a wonderful place for WLCE-ZJU to establish its first Innovation Base. Welcome to Suichang! Let’s meet in the WLCE-ZJU Innovation Base and explore more about this beautiful county together.