The World Leisure Organization (WLO) is greatly pleased to announce that there has been a unanimous decision to recognize and designate the City of Richmond as one World Leisure Communities of Excellence of 2017. The City of Richmond receives this award for its substantive contributions as a community to promoting leisure as a means to enhance the human condition and because it serves as an exemplar of how broad-based citizen involvement can effectively promote leisure as integral to the social, cultural, economic, and sustainable environmental development of the community.

The title World Leisure Community of Excellence is bestowed by the WLO upon communities that have successfully used leisure in all its forms to reinvent themselves and to improve the economic, social and cultural lives of their citizens, and that have made substantive contributions consistent with advancing the mission of WLO. In so doing, WLO brings global attention to the excellence those communities have achieved through working together as citizens to promote leisure as a means to enhance the human condition.

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate the City of Richmond on behalf of the WLO Community of Excellence Evaluation Committee and the whole WLO Board of Directors, as well as to encourage other communities to follow Richmond’s path and engage in the World Leisure Community of Excellence programme!

Visit the City of Richmond’s website for more information

Photo credit: Britannia Heritage Shipyards and the City Centre Community Centre, by the City of Richmond.