Teresita Lencina

Expert in Intangible Cultural Heritage, UNESCO – (Argentina) – May, 22nd.

While visiting Bilbao, just for a few hours, I had the grateful experience of finding a city that I did not imagined. In a majestic geography, surrounded by mountains and water, a city divided by a sea loach is settled, banks that the legendary and amazing architecture links in harmony with beautiful bridges and grand structures open to wide spaces that invite to see.

The inner tramway toured me to the most attractive spots of the city, from the historical downtown to the modern areas to find a gigantic sculpture of the Sacred Heart in the very center of the Gran Via. And further away, but just a few minutes from downtown, the San Mamés Stadium and the modern building of Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, both symbols of a city open to transformation and quality of living, to joy and pleasure.

I walked down the main streets, book stores, trendy shop and the corners that the city offers. At midday, the rhythm of the city slows down and becomes gentler. Most of the shop close, except restaurants and cafes, that invite to contemplate the city from some pergola in one of the city’s wide streets, enjoying exquisite dishes.

I wanted to live Bilbao some more time…