We asked some of the members or former members of the WLO Board of Directors (BoD) who are among the most involved in sports –BoD members Mr. Ling Ping and Mr. MA Zhongqiang (Victor), and former member Dr. Lijun (Jane) Zhou– about their work in this thematic area. Here a snapshot of their extensive work on this area. We invite you to contact them for more information on this work.

Mr. Ling Ping

  • Is the editor-in-chief of the book Introduction to Leisure Sports (2018), published by China People’s Sports Publishing Company, and second chief editor of Overview of Leisure Sports (2018), published by China Higher Education Press.
  • Participated and delivered speeches on sports in different forums and conferences: the Forum of the Chinese Sports Science Committee (28-29th April 2018); the Forum of Famous People of Macau University of Technology, with a speech entitled “Status, Problems and Development Paths of China’s E-sports Industry Development”, and the editorial conference of professional sports textbook series at the Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education in China, where he delivered a keynote speech titled “Making foreign contributions to China, and the basic strategies for the construction of Chinese leisure sports textbooks”.
  • Has been deeply involved since March 2018 in the organization committee of the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022.

Dr. Lijun (Jane) Zhou

  • As a former WLO Board of Directors’ member (2011-2017), Jane was involved in the Organization of the WL Expo in Hangzhou, the 2015 WL Games in Qingdao and the 2020 WL Congress in Pinggu.
  • Has contributed to the leisure and sports theory and practice development in China, which has boomed during the period 2011-2018.
  • Published 15 papers in peer-reviewed journals, five of which are in English: 1) “A Cultural Confrontation Western Impacts on Female College Students’ Leisure Opportunities in Taiwan and China” (2015), Social Indicators Research, by Tsai, C. & Zhou, L.; 2) “Music Is Not Our Enemy, But Noise Should Be Regulated Thoughts on Shooting/Conflicts Related to Dama Square Dance in China” (2014), Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, by Zhou, L.; 3) “Gender and Used/Prefered Difference of Bicycle Routes, Parking Interaction signals, and Bicycle Type: Professional Middle Class Preferences in Hangzhou, China” (2014), Journal of Transport & Health, by Lusk, A., Wen, X. & Zhou, L.; 4) “World Leisure Chapter Program” (2011), World Leisure Journal, by Zhou, L. & Sarjit Singh Sekhon, and 5) “The history of sports and physical education in China” (2016), World Leisure Journal, by Tsai, C. & Zhou, L. The latter is available for consultation with free access until the end of June!
  • Is the author of two monographs: Evolution of Collegiate Sports Culture in China (Zhejiang University Press, 2011) and English for Sports and Physical Education: Specification and Application (Zhejiang University Press, 2013).
  • Has participated in 15 research projects on leisure and sport, amounting for a total funding of over 2.5 million RMB.
  • Has delivered more than 10 speeches about leisure and sports in international and domestic conferences

Mr. MA Zhongqiang (Victor)

Mr. MA Zhongqiang (Victor) was authorized to bid on behalf of Qingdao City for the 2015 World Leisure Games at the 12th WL Congress at Rimini, Italy, in 2012. He was responsible for the marketing and foreign affairs during the implementation of 2015 WL Games. He also played a central role for the return of the WL Games to Laixi, Qingdao, in 2019, which has been just agreed, thus contributing to the further commitment of the city not only to the WLO as an organization, but to the promotion of leisure and sports more generally.