Professor Atara Sivan, Board member of World Leisure Organization (WLO) and Chairperson of World Leisure Organization-Hong Kong Chapter (WLO-HK) was invited as a guest of honor to the graduation ceremony of “Boardgaming Instructor Certificate Program – Class of 2018” led by Jollythinkersand Play Infinityin Hong Kong. Graduates of the course, which targets individuals and groups interested in modern boardgaming, were educators, social workers and church leaders who have been contributing to the field of leisure through the use of these games.

Professsor Sivan giving her opening address at the graduation ceremony of “Boardgaming Instructor Certificate Program – Class of 2018” held in Hong Kong

In her opening speech, Professor Sivan presented the concept of leisure for alland shared her findings from studies on leisure education and youth development. She also introduced WLO and the specific ways in which WLO-HK has been advocating for leisure within the local context of Hong Kong. Atara further congratulated the graduates for their awards and encouraged them to stay active in the field of leisure through different ways. These include using their new knowledge and skills to promote leisure practice, makingknown their good contribution to the field by presenting in conferences, such as World Leisure Congresses, publishing in World Leisure Journaland becoming members of WLO and WLO-HK. 

Header picture: Professor Sivan and members of WLO- HK Chapter celebrating together with graduates of the “Boardgaming Instructor Certificate Program – Class 0f 2018”