Sesc Verão – Serious Leisure in Practice A Conversation with Leonardo Cálix



Sesc Verão (Sesc Summer) has been delivered during the Brazilian summer months for 27 years. This webinar will explore how Sesc has incorporated serious leisure theory in the delivery and evaluation of over 800 activities with 100,000 participants in their 2022 program.

Join a Conversation with Leonardo Cálix to learn about Sesc (one of Brazil’s largest leisure provider) and how they organises their BIG summer event and the unique features that allows the Sesc Verão to be offered for free or minimal costs. There is much that can be learned from an understanding of Sesc Verão.

The webinar will be offered in conjunction with Sesc via YouTube with transmissions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, including Brazilian Signing Language (LIBRAS).


Western hemisphere: 11 April 2022 – 5pm Brazilian Time Zone; 4pm American Eastern Time Zone

Eastern hemisphere: 12 April – 6am Australian Eastern Time Zone; really early in Asian time zones.




This webinar is jointly organised with the WLO Special Interest Group (SIG) on Leisure Management, chaired by John Tower and Jo An Zimmermann, under the Leisure Management Webinar Series