The Summer Sesc (Sesc Verão) is a project which, since its creation, has been introducing concepts, innovative ideas and the practice of sports to the Brazilian society, through a program organized by Sesc Centers. The program is based on three pillars: Knowledge, Practice and Show. Additionally, all the Sesc São Paulo Centers plan their sports programs using for their background the yearly theme. So far, these have conveyed to the public ideas and concepts like “Sports for all”, “Safe exercises”, “Body and Environment”, “The Olympic Summer Games” among others.

On this occasion, the 2020 Sesc Verão theme is based on the concept of Grassroots Sports Diplomacy. The idea is that all participating Centers choose from two to five Olympics and/or Paralympics sports to work with, contacting NGOs, private companies, federations, confederations, other centers and public authorities, pursuing the creation of a network for the development of each chosen sport. The aim is to introduce sport as an option in the leisure time of the highest number of people possible, hence, decreasing sedentarism locally and, eventually, joining the global movement of increasing the number of active people worldwide.

Furthermore, after being exposed to a program of diverse sports and physical activities, the public will find the one that best suit them, understanding that the regular practice of sports and an active lifestyle will make their lives more pleasant and healthier. Last but not least, in the Summer Sesc project, São Paulo State citizens will have the opportunity of learning about the big sports events of the year, meeting iconic national and international athletes and, of course, enjoying the experience!