The City of Richmond is situated on the west coast of Canada. It is strategically located at the confluence of the Fraser River and the Pacific Ocean. It is the home of the Vancouver International Airport, the southern terminus of the region’s rapid transit system, and 30 minutes from the United States border.

Through the City’s parks and open spaces, eight (8) community centres; an older adults/seniors centre; cultural centre; two (2) arenas including 8 sheets of ice ; two (2) indoor aquatic centres; two (2) outdoor pools, the Richmond Olympic Oval, a variety of specialized facilities leased to community service providers and a suite of programs, a significant investment has been made to foster a healthy active community and a high quality of life for all ages and abilities. In fact, citizens enjoy the longest life expectancy in Canada at over 84 years which has led to the city being honoured as Canada’s healthiest city. Richmond is the second most diverse Canadian community and visible minorities are now the majority of citizens at 65%. The highest proportion of the population is Chinese.

Project description

Typically, organizations view problems and challenges as singular issues. However, the City of Richmond recognizes its challenges require comprehensive and integrated solutions to address issues concurrently and collaboratively. This is the foundation of the Community Services Division’s Program – a governance structure and intentional focus that creates integrated and sustainable strategies, develops inter-sectoral partnerships to harness external assets and connections, builds and operates award winning indoor and outdoor venues, offers services that remove barriers and foster healthy citizens of all ages and abilities, builds the capacity of citizens and organizations, and fosters a sense of place and pride.

  • Addressing basic human needs including affordable housing, childcare, food security and safety
  • Providing accessible programs, services and facilities in the face of significant community shifts
  • Nurturing and sustaining healthy and active lifestyles for all ages, abilities, capacities and interests
  • Fostering a stronger connection with nature and honouring agricultural roots in the face of urbanization
  • Developing a sense of belonging, community pride, an appreciation of the City’s rich history, inter-connected communities and community capacity

These examples demonstrate that through vision, a commitment to excellence, collaboration and a willingness to take risks, the City of Richmond’s Community Services Division is a leader in the provision of leisure policies, programs, places and spaces.

Honor and Award

  • Prince of Wales Prize for Municipal Leadership in Heritage Conservation (Heritage Canada National Trust, 2016)
  • Canadian Event Industry Awards – Finalist, Best Public Entertainment Event or Festival (Canadian Special Events, 2016)
  • Sustainable Communities Award – Neighborhood Development Plan, Honorable Mention (Federation of Canadian Municipalities, 2015)
  • Silver Jubilee Community Award (Richmond Chinese Community Society, 2014)
  • Community Planning and Development Award (Community Energy Association, 2014)
  • Innovation Award (The World Leisure Organization, 2012)
  • Child Care Award of Excellence (BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, 2011)
  • Top 10 American Cities of the Future – Best Infrastructure category for cities of its size (FDI (foreign direct investment) Magazine, 2011)

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