The melodious sound of violin echoes worldwide, but do you know where the instrument is born? The huge violin monument standing in Donggaocun, Pinggu may offer you a clue. It is estimated that 1/3 of worldwide violins are made in this town of Pinggu with its violins selling in more than 40 countries. Pinggu claims to be the violin-making capital of China as well as the largest exporter of stringed instruments in the world.

(Violin sculpture in Donggaocun, Pinggu.)

However, quantity obviously is not the only thing that Pinggu seeks for. Local manufacturers are now shifting the focus to move up the value chain to stay competitive. Meanwhile, Pinggu is witnessing its transformation from manufacturing violins to cultivating violin culture. The sound of novice strings fills the air in classrooms and hallways in Donggaocun almost every day. “It would be a waste if you were born in a town that produces so many violins, but didn’t know how to use one”, said a local violin teacher interviewed by the CNN.

Beyond violin, Pinggu is dedicated to exploring its development with other areas of music. The annual International Peach Flower Music Festival and the Music Festival of China Music Valley held in Pinggu have attracted tens of millions of music fans. In the meantime, China Yuegu Music Valley Leisure Park, a comprehensive modern urban public resort, is under construction. All of these provide the local residents as well as the national or international visitors with opportunities to enjoy music and a way to enjoy leisure.

The melody in Pinggu extends to the 2021 Congress by acclaiming Lang Lang, one of the most famous classical pianists around the globe, as the ambassador of the Congress. On the occasion, the star pianist sincerely invites you to gather with him in Pinggu and enjoy leisure in music there together!

(Lang Lang acclaimed as the ambassador of the Congress; Photo by Liu Chang)

Pinggu, known as the manufacturer of 1/3 of violins in the world, is now writing a new chapter of its story with music by promoting culture and leisure by means of music. Pinggu takes pride in the grand-scale violin manufacture without doubt, but there’s much more beyond that.