When you are in China, you may encounter with an old gentleman having a brush pen and a bucket on his hands on a square. Guess what he is doing?

(A Chinese old man writing calligraphy on a square. Source: kknews.cc)

Answer revealed! He is practicing Chinese calligraphy using water instead of ink. Such a scene is increasingly common in China nowadays. As the home of Chinese calligraphy, Pinggu is no exception. The drifting scent of ink there has never ceased!

Its current profound calligraphy atmosphere dates back to years ago. In 2009, the locally born calligrapher Wang Youyi, who is well-known as a leading figure of seal script, launched “Shangyuan Calligrapher Gathering”, held in Pinggu, and the past decade has already witnessed 11 grand gatherings of seal script in Chinese calligraphy world.

(A Chinese calligraphy exhibition visitor taking photos. Source: new.qq.com)  

Such Chinese calligraphy exhibitions not only attract people’s attention but also motivate the locals’ passion for learning calligraphy in everyday life. As per estimation, around 40,000 people, accounting for 10% of the whole population, are learning Chinese calligraphy in Pinggu. Besides, the local authority is dedicated to consolidating its fame as the home of the Chinese calligraphy by promoting wider participation in this refined art. Up to 2019, a total of 125 calligraphy training sessions had been established, covering various communities, schools and even government departments. It is no exaggeration to say that the scent of ink is drifting everywhere in Pinggu.

(Students learning Chinese calligraphy at school. Source: bj.chinanews.com.cn)

At present, Pinggu has established itself as a place with six “st” in Chinese calligraphy field, according to CCTV:

  1. The first “Advanced County of Calligraphy” in Beijing
  2. The first suburb holding a national-level exhibition of Chinese Calligraphers Association (CCA)
  3. The district with most national-level CCA members in Beijing
  4. The first “Home of Chinese Calligraphy” in Beijing
  5. The district owning the most compelling calligraphy cultural brand
  6. The district with the widest calligraphy lover groups.

Have you ever found the Chinese calligraphy enchanting? Do you want to smell the fragrant scent of ink there? Or even give it a shot to write the beautiful Chinese calligraphy with a brush pen? Join our 2021 WL Congress in Pinggu without any hesitation!