The Opening Ceremony of the World Leisure Games in Qingdao, Laixi, took place in the morning of the 27th July 2019 at the Gymnasium of Laixi Municipal Sports Center. The event was attended by around 2,000 people and followed via six online live broadcasting platforms by over 2,847,000 viewers. Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, People’s Daily, Sohu, NetEase and other 30 leading medias in China reported the news on the Opening Ceremony.

From WLO, the event counted with Board members Dr. Roger Coles, Dr. Cristina Ortega,Dr. Ling Ping, Dr. Jane Zhou, Dr. Lawal Marafa and Mr. Victor Ma as guests. Other guests included: Mr. Xu Zhengzhong, deputy editor-in-chief of the People’s Daily; Mr. Li Furong, former deputy minister of the General Administration of Sports of China; Ms. Qiao Yunping, vice director general of Shandong Sports Administration; Mr. Zhuang Zengda, Party Secretary of Laixi City, and Ms. Jiang Shuiqing, Mayor of Laixi City.

The 2019 WL Games in Qingdao, Laixi, started on May 1st 2019 and will be concluded in late October 2019. On May 1st, there was a first starting ceremony with a happy walking event (3.5 and 7km walking) in which 10,000 people participated. Among them, eight Olympic Golden Medalists and World Champions joined this gathering.

Until now, 14 different events have been staged from May 1st, including a Cycling Challenging Contest, 3-person Basketball, 5-person Football, Surfboard, International chess, Chinese chess, Go, etc. Next activities include a Drone Contest, Dart, Frisbee, Square Dance, Martial Arts, Equestrian, Marathon, Sports Equipment Expo and the Closing Ceremony.