In 2016-2017, the DAFA Program, managed by the Quebec Leisure Council (CQL, Conseil Québécois du Loisir), has welcomed 3.764 new leaders, 168 new instructors, 36 new organizations and organized 240 training courses. Following the 2016 World Leisure Innovation Prize, the DAFA Program received a motion of congratulations from the Québec National Assembly. In addition, the partners of the DAFA Program updated the content of the training and carried out 22 training updates throughout Quebec. It was present in 19 regional, national and international events and has organized the 32th edition of the Journalism Award in leisure. Its two Facebook pages welcome 4,437 subscribers.  Some 150 students were met to present the community of leisure. Finally, DAFA participated in two partnership research projects: one on the leisure community and integration, and another one on the relations between the national leisure organizations and the Quebec government.

The Canadian recreation training Programme Diplôme d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur (DAFA), established in 2009 and managed by the CQL, was the winner of the WL Innovation Prize in 2016. The DAFA Programme offers training and support to professionals, trainers and managers who work in the field of recreation in leisure and sports. The Programme facilitates group recreation, validates the work of the facilitators, promotes recruitment and retention, and encourages discussion between networks through recognition of the Programme across Quebec and beyond.

Following the retirement of the general manager, Daniel Caron, who has been in the position since the creation of the CQL, the board of directors has hired Sonia Vaillancourt as new general manager. WLO sends its congratulations to Daniel on his great work and the best wishes to Sonia on this new challenge.

Quebec is a WL Chapter which, with participation of the CQL and the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), helps foster WLO’s mission, vision and objectives.

Photo credit: DAFA Official Facebook Page.