Mr. Ling Ping joined the WLO Board of Directors after the election process of new Board members launched in October 2017. Since then, Ling Ping has been actively engaged in the promotion of the WLO among different Chinese institutional bodies and organizations.

In February, Ling Ping attended the annual meeting of the China Leisure Standardization Technical Committee (NTCL). Created in 2009, the NTCL is a technical organization engaged in the national standardization work in the field of leisure. It is also the first leisure standardization technology organization in the world. NTCL consists of experts from enterprises, research institutes, universities, government organizations, industrial associations and other relevant fields. At present, there are more than 20 national standards validated by the NTCL, including leisure city, leisure community, camping and greenway, among others.

On the occasion of the NTCL annual meeting, Ling Ping met Wei Xiaoan and Fu Lei, respectively Director and Secretary General of the NTCL. They agreed on some collaboration forms between the WLO and the NTCL, among which: the co-operation for the identification of the most excellent leisure communities in China, potential candidates to join the WL Communities of Excellence network; the promotion of other WLO programs and events in China, such as the WL Games and the WL Festival, and a particular engagement of the NTCL for the promotion of the 2020 WL Congress in Pinggu.

Ling Ping also met the director of the Leisure Magazine, Ying Yi Hua, in March in Hangzhou. Several collaboration opportunities were discussed in that meeting. Firstly, Leisure Magazine expressed its interest in working together with the WLO to generate and release relevant reports on leisure trends and leisure indexes. Secondly, WLO Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Roger Coles and Cristina Ortega, will be engaged in the Leisure Magazine in the role of honorary consultants. Thirdly, Leisure Magazine will offer coverage of WLO events in China and beyond in upcoming issues. Finally, Leisure Magazine offered to cooperate with the WLO in the organization of events and activities such as academic events, forums, and training activities on leisure, culture and the economy.

Finally, Ling Ping has translated the documentation of some WLO programs – such as the WL Communities of Excellence program or the WL Festival – into Chinese.

Ling Ping will be presenting his communication on “Research on the historical opportunity, contemporary perplexity and strategy choice of China e-sports industry development” at the 15th WL Congress “Leisure Beyond Constraints” in São Paulo, Brazil (August 28-September 1, 2018).

The WLO Board and team want to take this opportunity to thank Ling Ping for his commitment with the expansion of the network and the opportunities for our members in the Asian country.