Ms. Mary Xiao Yang, the Editor in Chief of Lingjie Culture Media, publisher of the Leisure and Travel Magazine, visited Bilbao together with Helena Ma from IDEA Communication. After that first visit, WLO Chief Operating Officer, Communication & Events Coordinator, and Programme Coordinator met Ms. Yang in Beijing (China). This gathering represents a deeper opportunity to explore prospective ways of collaboration for the further development of already far-reaching communication potential of both Lingjie Culture Media and WLO.

Lingjie media’s four websites including Jun Travel, Jun Art, Jun Golf and Travel and Leisure dedicatedly provide updated information on travel and leisure industry, and have aggregated close to 120,000 registered users.

Photo credit: WLO staff with Ms. Mary Xiao Yiang and Prof. Dr. Ma Huidi at the Center for Leisure Studies in Beijing, by WLO Secretariat.