Course Location: University of Pécs, City of Pécs, Hungary, and its region
Date: 21-29 August 2022
Organizing unit: WLCE University of Pécs, Faculty of Sciences
Organizing team:

  • Dr. Márta Wilhelm (WLCE director)
  • Prof. Dr. Miklós Bánhidi (WLO, Board member)
  • Lecturer Judit Prókai (WLCE secretary)
  • Lecturer Zsuzsanna Gép (WLCE program coordinator)
  • Target group:

  • BA, BSC, MA, MSc students of recreation, leisure, tourism, health studies,
  • PhD students
  • Language of instruction: English
    Language requirement: spoken English

    Credits: 6 European credits (part of European Credit System)
    Application deadline: 30th of July 2022
    How to apply: sending an email to:,

    Or phone message: +3670 8849008, +3630 3440350

     Goals of the camp:

  • To offer seminars and workshop for students in formal and informal settings lead by university’s professionals
  • To provide a platform for international and local students to learn on special skills in research and practice
  • To help students to grow in professional fields, such as using research tools, recording and analysing data and publishing results.
  • Program description:
     The suggested program as an interdisciplinary approach to measure the leisure environment in the region and the psycho-physiological effects of leisure activities. It is in a form of a camp. The workshops are conducted in university’s laboratories, in the unique urban and natural environment, such as the district of the European Cultural Capital, the Mecsek mountains and the world famous Harkány Thermal Spa. The activities will be theoretical and practical as well, connected to the lab, recreational physical activity and joy as well.  Combining theories/lab equipments and leisure activities will lead to understand self and nature better. Students need to create projects that each of the participating leaders will give out (single or group projects, needed to be completed) from every topic discussed. After evaluating them teachers will choose the best of each finished project, and the named students will have an opportunity to present their work in a mini symposium organized at the end of the course, and/or publish in a journal.

    Course fee: (for seminars and workshops and logistics)

  • 100 euros/person (without lodging and food),
  • 350 euros/person (including, food, lodging and the courses)
  • See the full programme here: