We talked to new WLO Board member Ling Ping (Hangzhou Normal University, China) about his projects and engagements for the promotion of leisure and as a representative of the WLO. Learn more about him and his views on leisure through this interview.

In one sentence: What does leisure mean to you?

Leisure is a state of life and behavior of people who take a certain activity as a carrier, consciously and initiatively experience happiness through activities, and achieve a kind of cultural creation, cultural appreciation and cultural construction that is comfortable in body and mind, full of energy and meets various needs this way. Leisure is an important part of me to improve well-being and quality of life.

What leisure projects, research and/or activities are you involved in?

Table tennis is my long-term participation in sports activities. I am currently undertaking a number of research projects, mainly:

  1. Wenzhou City to create a national sports and leisure sports city development plan 2017-2025;
  2. Zhoushan City to create sports and leisure demonstration zone development plan 2018-2025;
  3. Research on Hangzhou Asian Games brand building planning in 2022; mainly including: sponsorship program, volunteer program, TV broadcast marketing plan, urban space empowerment assumption, application of intelligent technology, feasibility study of e-sports project entering the Asian Games, etc.

How do you promote the development of leisure and leisure studies?

  1. Taking an active part in the Hangzhou World Leisure Expo, participating in the negotiations between the WLO and the Hangzhou Municipal Government and the Qingdao Municipal Government, as well as in the WL Congress;
  2. Encouraging Chinese universities to open leisure sports majors and train professionals;
  3. Actively participating in the work of China Leisure Standardization Committee and China Leisure and Holiday Branch, participate in all kinds of leisure forums in China;
  4. Establishing a non-governmental, non-profit leisure research association and leisure promotion association to promote the development of leisure industry in China;
  5. Helping some cities in China plan the development planning of sports and leisure cities or demonstration areas.

How did you hear about WLO?

During the 2003 WLO’s visit to Hangzhou and Zhejiang University, the WLO discussed with Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Municipal Government to establish the Asia Pacific Leisure Education Research Center of Zhejiang University.

Why did you decide to become a WLO Board Member?

The WLO has made great contributions to promoting human leisure power, leisure research, leisure industry and improving the quality of human life. Since 2006, the first WL Expo held in Hangzhou has undergone tremendous changes.

How would you encourage people and institutions to collaborate and become WLO Members?

By introducing the WLO at different academic conferences, to some Chinese local governments, some Chinese academic groups and university teachers. They will be able to learn about the WLO in order to encourage them to actively participate in the activities and become members.