WLO Chief Operating Officer, Communication & Events Coordinator, and Programme Coordinator visited the Center for Leisure Studies of the Chinese Academy of Art in Beijing. This was an excellent opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge on the development of Leisure as a field of study in China. Dr. Cristina Ortega, WLO COO, declared: “We were very fortunate to be guided through the history and current state of the art of Chinese leisure culture research programs by Dr. Ma Huidi”.

Prof. Dr. Ma Huidi is founder of the Center of China Leisure Studies and Distinguished Researcher of the Institute of Chinese Culture, who was elected fellow of the World Leisure Academy in 2010. Dr. Ma Huidi recently published, together with Er Liu, the book Traditional Chinese Leisure Culture and Economic Development: A Conflict of Forces (Palgrave, 2017).

Big thank you to Prof. Dr. Ma Huidi, as well as to Dr. Wang Fengnian, from the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University Beijing, and Dr. Fang Lili, Director of the Artistic Anthropology Research Institute Chinese Academy of Arts, for their warm welcome and time dedication during our visit.

Photo credit: WLO team with Prof. Dr. Ma Huidi at the Center for Leisure Studies in Beijing, by WLO Secretariat.