Current running project – 2023

Current running project can be found in the following link:

Leisure and Well Being Across Countries in the Era of Coronavirus-19: Trends and Applications


  • Defined the first work plan and main aim: to implement a leisure program for adolescents (an intervention group program) in several countries (members who volunteered for this), aimed to promote psycho-social development of adolescents (characteristics of this project has been published in the WL Journal)
  • Defined the first steps to achieve this plan: to know the program, its aims and sessions/activities to be implemented, working on the program to make it available for all
  • Provided Leisure and Well-being SIG contribution to the Uncover Magazine

Planned Activities

  • To translate the leisure program (Portuguese to English) and work on its design format, in order to have the final version that all countries/members can use and analyse
  • To start defining timelines, steps, and sequence of procedures and instructions, for implementing the program
  • To suggest a Special Issue of WL Journal on Leisure and Well-being
  • To identify the work of all the members of this SIG in terms of “Leisure and Well-being”; or what they would like to work under this topic (using an online data collection on this)
  • To assist in reviewing papers for the 2020 WL Congress in Pinggu-Beijing
  • To present at the 2020 Congress in Pinggu-Beijing under the Leisure and Well-being thematic area


Teresa Freire, Ph.D.