Read our conversation with Laurel Sliskovic, a graduate of Vancouver Island University, a World Leisure Centre of Excellence (WLCE), who works at The Sociable Scientists Inc and just renewed her WLO membership.

In one sentence: What does leisure mean to you?

Leisure is the perspective that shapes how I actively participate in my geographic and social communities; it provides choice and opportunity for exploration, growth, and fulfillment.

What leisure projects, research and/or activities are you involved in?

I paddleboard, swim, fish, dance, sing, ride my bikes, volunteer, read, practice yoga, facilitate community reading circles, snowboard, and research leisure and its role and impact on sustainable community development on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada.

How did you hear about WLO?

I am a graduate of Vancouver Island University, which is a World Leisure Centre of Excellence.

Why did you decide to become a member of WLO?

WLO’s role through its projects and programs are well-aligned with my own values in the promotion of healthy, accessible, affordable leisure for all people.

What kind of synergies would you like to develop through your WLO membership?

Continually learning from and contributing to applied research opportunities that translate into enhanced leisure experiences for all is what I would like to develop (and am developing) through my WLO membership.